Christopher, Jr. 1781 - 1853. Married Hannah Meyers

Peter - 1784 - 1870. Married Celia White

Elizabeth - 1787-1860 - Married Solomon Harman

Barbara - 1789 - ???. Married Elijah Turman

David - 1790 - 1840 - Married Nancy Cox

Susan Catherine - 1792 - 1880. Married Cary Simmons

Solomon - 1796 - 1878. Married Permelia Reed

Jacob - 1797 - 1871. Married Telithe Hylton

Stephen - 1800 - 1841?. Married Charlotte Hylton, sister of Burwell & Telithe.

Mary Ann - 1803 - 1888. Married Burwell Hylton.



Christopher Slusher, Sr., the settler ancestor of most of the Slushers in Floyd County, was the youngest son of the German immigrant Peter Schlosser, who came to America through the port of Philadelphia in 1732 on the ship, the Dragon.

Some years after his service in the Revolutionary War as Private First Class in Captain Stone’s Company of the Second Battalion of the Lancaster County (Pennsylvania) Militia, Christopher migrated down the valley of Virginia to Montgomery County (from which Floyd County was formed 1831). 

By 1803 Christopher and his family settled on 600 acres in what is now Floyd County. He owned over 1600 acres by the time of his death, Dec. 11, 1845. Sadly, the location of Christopher’s burial place and grave marker is presently unknown. Descendants searching for the location believe it should be within relative proximity of his son Jacob Slusher’s homeplace (a portion of which is presently owned by his great-great-granddaughter, Jane Slusher Williams,) and the present Jacob Slusher Cemetery near Laurel Branch Road. A brass plaque in the Floyd County Courthouse recognizes Floyd’s Rev. War veterans, among them Christopher.

Anyone having any information about the possible location of Christopher’s marker is asked to contact us.

Christopher and Eva Hancock Slusher had at least ten children.  Links to each of their children are in the left column of this page.

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